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Physicians, Bloggers, writers, web designers, software developers, educators, filmmakers, social workers and radio show hosts... All of whom care about, care for or are people living with MS.


Amy Gurowitz

Regarded in the MS Internet community as both an advocate for and a voice of the MS experience, Amy's lighthearted writing style not only educates, it often leaves readers soothed and amused to the point of laughing out loud. With a master’s degree in Educational Technology from NYU she developed the concept for MS SoftServe and is now the director of that non-profit organization. (a.k.a.SoftServe Matters) This site will be the first that addresses the unique educational needs of each and every person who is coping with this most variable disease.

In addition to the writings on her blog MSLOL (Multiple Sclerosis: A Life of Learning) and is a regular contributor for Health Central’s MS site, she hosts a podcast also entitled MSLOL and 2MS Chicks on  Blog Talk Radio’s site Multiple Sclerosis Unplugged. The show highlights inspirational individuals who are living with MS. In addition to these contributions she provides a compelling explanation of an MS patient’s experience on panels and through speaking engagements for pharmaceuticals, Internet based health organizations and other professional groups. She lives in Montclair, NJ with her fabulous husband and magical daughter. 


Ed Conroy

Ed Conroy has been the Development Director at the Southwest School of Art for over 25 years. He met Amy in 2010 when he learned of her need for a professional grant writer through a good friend who is living with MS. His friend had learned about MS SoftServe on Facebook and introduced him to Amy. After one meeting at the Tick Tock diner in NYC, it was evident that this was the beginning of something big. 

And so it was!

Since that time Ed has been providing direction in every aspect of development for MS SoftServe. His sincere interest in this project was immediately evident in his availability and discounted rate. He has a commitment to MS SoftServe that goes above and beyond. With his expertise we have made many accomplishments. He continues to guide us to our end goal of making MSSS available to all who need it.

Thanks Ed. You most certainly rock! 

clocktower851x315.jpgAfter an extensive search for a webdesign company who not only could manage the  design for a site that is as complex as MS SoftServe, could provide the functional aspects of customization as well as an affordable price tag- we found Clocktower Media in Seattle. In addition to the expertise and commiment to our cause; Clocktower's president, Tim Mushen has a personal connection to someone who has MS and knows first hand how important this site will be in bettering the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis. 

aesthetica.pngAesthetica Studios has donated graphic services (ie. Logo Design!) to MS SoftServe. Aesthetica founding partners Mark Miller (who is also a person with MS) and Jorge Del Fabbro are wonderful to work with. From the intial concept to the finalized logo and everything in between Mark and Jorge's creativity and willingness to please this client, (that being me!) is priceless. And collaborating with a PWMS owned and operated business makes it that much sweeter!

Thanks Mark and Jorge! Your hard work is of great value in all of MS SoftServe's efforts.

miligrace.jpeg Milligrace is a NYC based video production company specializing in personal bio pics that are testimonial based and often commissioned for special events, celebrations and other happenings. Founder Kate Milliken, a person who also has MS, made the film in 2007 that explains the concept of MS SoftServe in order to get the word out about this effort. I can safely say that we wouldn't be where we are today had that film (produced for a very discounted rate I must add) not been made. And on top of that, Kate has served on the Board of Directors since its inception. 

Thank you Kate for your most meaningful role in getting MS SoftServe up and running for the benefit for all of us who are living with it!