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Lean On Me:     $10 

With a donation of $10 you can help to keep the production moving forward! And spread the word. After all $10 x 2 is $20. x3 is $30... and they told two friends and so on, and so on!

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Your donation at this level will go towards a month of hosting. Includes the gift of a Karma Boost and Warm Fuzzies. (patent pending!) 

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At this level your donation will help to fund grantwriting and webside production. With that you’ll enjoy the thank you gifts of: Karma, Warm Fuzzies and an MSSoftServe wristband

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At the hundred dollar level you will receive Karma, Warm Fuzzies, an MSSoftServe wristband AND an MSSoftServe Stress Release Squishy Cube. (After all... everyone needs a little less stress in their lives!)





Ebay Giving

If you are selling or buying you can contribute a 
portion of your sales to MS SoftServe!
What a great way to donate!